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  • Rent iphone for travel with Unlimited Data
    Rent iphone for travel with Unlimited Data

    It combines a cell phone, camera, wireless e-mail, mobile data, digital music (iPod), and video (including YouTube videos) and photo viewing
  • Rent Android Phone with Unlimited Data
    Rent Android Phone with Unlimited Data

    Amazingly fast browser, cloud sync, multi-tasking, easy ways to connect & share images and applications with friends
  • Rent GPS for Europe Rent GPS for Europe
    Find all your favorite points of interest with ease with an Israel GPS in English!
  • Discount code
    Rent iPad for trip

    It's just 0.34'' thin and weighs as little as 1.33 lb. It makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books natural.
  • Rent BlackBerry phone with Unlimited Data
    Rent BlackBerry phone with Unlimited Data

    We rent the latest BlackBerry Curve with voice calls, plus easy and convenient unlimited access of e-mails, BBM and internet service from anywhere in Israel!
  • Rent SIM card for Europe Rent SIM card for Europe
    Use your own phone while taking advantage of our great calling rates! Device must be GSM and unlocked.
  • Rent international MIFI device
    Rent international MIFI device

    Enables you to have your own wireless hotspot. Use it for up to 5 internet devices at one time. Stay Connected Anywhere!
Get unlimited free incoming calls when you travel to one of these countries and many more.
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Trade Shows and Sporting Events

Rent International MiFi device

 High Speed Internet
 AirCards and Mobile WiFi
 Unlimited data in many    countries
 Rates from only $7.99

Rent BlackBerry for Travel

 Latest BlackBerry phones
 Toll free or USA area code
 Unlimited e-mail & web    browsing
 Rates from only $9.99

Rent iPhone/iPad for Europe

 Unlimited data, email &    browsing
 Low rates for calls and SMS
 Free Incoming calls
 SIM rentals from only $6.50
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